Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just For Now

Someday I will find the time to catch up on my blogging. But just for now I want to say how thankful I am for these fine, beautiful, people. I love them!
I love em, I love em, I love em!
P.S. I really dislike this picture of myself but I thought I would make a sacrifice for the team and go ahead and post it since it was good of everyone else. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July-part 2


Ahhh, Lake Powell. It's the bomb. I love the red rock cliffs, the smell of the Lake, the scorching heat and the cool water. There is beauty in all directions (except the mirror, because you don't do your hair or make-up all week....ha ha), but there is beauty in that too because nobody cares and it is SO relaxing. You wear your swimsuit from sun up till sun down and you play ALL day long. You can hike, float in the water, eat, lay on the big blue island and enjoy good company, go for a boat ride, wake board or tube, eat, play games, read, eat, have a nap, watch a movie, fish, eat, fling rocks up in the weeds like Nathan, hit golf balls in the weeds like Mike, Jason, Nate and Austin, go for a wave runner ride, cliff jump, or just do nothing. Oh and did I mention eating? Yes, plenty of good food and just about every treat imaginable, yikes! It is defiantly a good time. Big thanks to our awesome friends the Arnell's for inviting us.

Yeah, we finally made it!

I think they are excited to be here
Em and Steph
Glad to be here

Jason, Mick and Nate,
three big hunks

Cooling off in the lake
Hi Jason

Lacey and Emily
Tons and tons of food!
Launa and Danette floating the day away Patrice , Sharon and Launa
Getting ready for our fun hike--
Steph Arnell, Emily Quigley, Patrice Quigley, Kira Williams, Kim Arnell

The water was gorgeous!
Me and Emily
Woohoo- we swam to lizard island
The big blue island
Always a game going on...

Mick-relaxing in the hammock
Nate and Austin

Katie, Kira and Jason...tubing maniacs!

Katie-taking it all in from up front

The Barnes boat trying to catch up to way!
...not with Kyle driving.
Boat parking was scarce at the trail head to Rainbow Bridge.
The cool people that made the trek to Rainbow Bridge.
Rainbow Bridge. The worlds largest natural bridge with a span of 275 feet.

Em, Patrice, Nathan & Katie
Root beer floats at Dangling Rope marina-extra yummy after a hot boat ride.
We kind of caught the grill on fire while cooking bacon...OOPS!

Another great year!

July-part 3

24th of July
We had kind of a quiet Pioneer Day this year. Lacey & Jason and Katie had to work, and Emily went to a cabin with some friends. So, Mick and Nathan and I went to see a movie and then we met up with my Mom, Holley and Lexie and headed down to the Layton Commons Park for the Taste of the Town. This is where you purchase tickets and local restaurants come and give you a sampling of their menus for 1-2 tickets. They had a live band playing, the atmosphere was festive, and we end up with a belly ache!
Rosters and Union Grill, two of my local favorites were there...yum!
Nathan and G-ma
There were butt cracks a plenty! ewwww
The amphitheater was jam packed for the
free "Riders in the Sky"concert.

July-part 4

On Sunday we thought it would be a fun change to head up in them there hills fer some supper. So we packed up some "hobo" dinners and away we went up Farmington canyon. If you've ever taken a drive up there you know it is not the most relaxing drive. It's beautiful, but NOT relaxing. Most of the way up on either one side or the other, it is a very steep drop off. Now I thought I was pretty brave, but Lacey, on the other hand was a baby. (sorry Lace) Once you get past the scary part, you pass through quakies and pines, and the view to the west is amazing! We stopped along the way, cooked our dinners, walked through wildflower meadows, and enjoyed being together. As the sun began to set, we drove to the highest point and sat out on a rock ledge and enjoyed the sunset over the Great Salt Lake. AWESOME!
Looking at the wrecked cars over the cliff

Not funny Jason

Beautiful view of Anelope Island

Lacey and Jason

Juicy the dog-she had a blast!

Nate and the moon